Acquisition Camera


Video Acquisition Camera

The Video Acquisition Camera is a high performance color camera that offers the ultimate in color vibrancy, picture clarity and reliability. The camera provides a high resolution of 525 horizontal TV lines (NTSC) or 625 horizontal TV lines (PAL) for sharper images. The high signal-to-noise ratio provides clear, noise-free images while the 1000:1 overload capability prevents light overloads that cause blooming. Also, the auto gain control provides for clear images in varying lighting conditions.  
  Acquisition Camera  
  Imager: Single interline transfer CCD with matrix filter (cyan, yellow, magenta, green)
Image area: 6.4 x 4.8 mm (1/2" format)
Picture Elements: NTSC – 768 (H) x 494 (V) PAL – 752 (H) x 582 (V)
Resolution: NTSC – 525 horizontal TV lines
                    PAL – 625 horizontal TV lines
Sensitivity: 6.5 lux at full video (AGC off) 0.3 at 80% video (AGC on)
                    0.08 lux at 30% video (AGC on)
46 dB (AGC off, NTSC with 4.5 MHz filter)
  Acquisition Lens  
  The 50mm-700mm Zoom lens is used with the Video Acquisition Camera and is mounted
in a 6-inch diameter sealed and pressurized housing.

Focal Length (Zoom Ratio)
25mm-350mm (14X) with doubler 50 – 700mm
Iris Range f3.5 – T1500
Iris Auto
Focus Motor drive
Zoom Motor drive
Angle of View (HxV) ½-inch 14° 35’ x 10° 58’ // 1° 03’ x 0° 47’
Back Focal Distance 53.69mm (in air)
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