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  MMTS Tracking a Hydra Rocket   News Release  
Here is the latest video set from Redstone Arsenal showing the high
dynamic performance of the Photo-Sonics Mobile Multi-Spectral Tracking System (MMTS).

The tests clearly show that the MMTS can acquire 6DOF data of a
high-velocity projectile from moment of launch until impact. The
video concludes with a screenshot of the post-processing in progress.

The U.S. Army Selects Photo-Sonics to Design Portable Missile Tracking Prototype. The U.S. Army has selected California-based Photo-Sonics with a $15 million contract to design optical tracking system prototypes needed to improve soldier training against portable missile threats.

Under the contract, awarded May 22, 2018, and announced Wednesday, Photo-Sonics will work with the National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL), an Army partner program, to build new systems for identifying threats from shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles and track vehicle-mounted missiles. Please click here for additional information.

    Photo-Sonics has relocated to a new facility.  We are now located at 9131 Independence Ave., Chatsworth, CA  91311  
  Celebrating 90 years in of business...1925 to 2015

Photo-Sonics focuses on two principle business activities: Optical Tracking System and gimbal mounts and
head-Up-Display (HUD) and airborne cameras.

Tracking Systems
Photo-Sonics designs and manufactures optical tracking systems and gimbals used in a variety of applications
including the test and evaluation of weapons and directed energy applications. From the earliest days on the U.S.
Test Ranges, Photo-Sonics has been delivering optical tracking systems known for their high performance, reliability,
and versatility. Notably, we are the world leaders in state-of-the-art Time-Space-Position-Information (TSPI) systems
used to gather data for engineering analysis and documentation. Photo-Sonics offers complete integration services
commissioning, and operator training for these systems. We conduct sales to the defense communities around
the world.

HUD Cameras
Photo-Sonics also designs and manufactures Head-Up Display (HUD) cameras for fighter aircraft. The HUD camera
is a critical component for training pilots and to document the engagement of opposing aircraft.
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