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  Video 01    
  PSI MMTS Greatest Hits    

   Here is the latest video set from
   Redstone Arsenal showing the
   high dynamic performance of the
   Photo-Sonics Mobile Multi-Spectral
   Tracking system.

   The tests clearly show that the MMTS
   can acquire 6DOF data of a high-velocity
   projectile from moment of launch until
   impact. The video concludes with a
   screen-shot of the post processing in


  Video 02    

Mobile Multispectral Tracking System (MMTS) – Hydra Missile


   High resolution digital images captured
   at Redstone Arsenal of Hydra missile
   at very close range using two MMTS
   tracking mounts. Automatic focus is
   provided by real-time triangulation
   The first segmentis the launch of the
   Hydra taken with the first tracking

   Eventually the image transitions to the
   second MMTS system and tracks until
   the missile impacts the ground. This
   high dynamic tracking provides very
   large, detailed images capable of
   being used to collect and calculate
   6DOF data of very high dynamic

  Video 03      
  Mobile Multi-Spectral TSPI System (MMTS)      
    These images were captured during initial testing of MMTS at WSMR. The video shows visible, LWIR and MWIR tracks of the Hydra missile in real-time and slow-motion. Tracking of a Tow Missile through a highly cluttered background is also provided. The video also shows images of hardware-in-the-loop simulator, Stellar and Turn and Dump Calibration, and built-in post processing software resulting in 5DOF solution.  
  Video 04      
  Nano-Sextant Tracking - UAV      

These images were captured with the Nano Sextant Optical Tracking system tracking a UAV and the subsequent parachute deployment using a MWIR camera with a continuous zoom lens up to 1200mm. The Nano was originally conceived as a two-man portable mount that is configured for use in close proximity to the event. In this application the Nano is fitted with long optics tracking a UAV at long range.

  Video 05      
  Nano-Sextant - Howitzer Artillery      

This video shows the Nano-Sextant
acquiring and tracking a Howitzer artillery
round using designation data from a

tracking range instrumentation radar system.

  Video 06      
  Cine-Sextant - Delta Booster Rocket Separation      

This video was taken with a Cine-Sextant and shows the long-range tracking of a Delta missile and the separation of the solid-rocket boosters. These images were captured using a 20-inch diameter RC telescope and SWIR camera.

  Video 07      
  Compact Tracking Mount (CTM) - Interceptions      

This video shows the tracking performance of the Compact Tracking Mount delivered in 2000. It was one the first commercial deliveries of a single station solution on an optical tracking mount. In the first several sequences, the CTM is tracking a series of ground-to-air interceptions using a monochrome video sensor and zoom lens up to 3000mm. The last sequence shows a MWIR sensor and dual focal length lens tracking a missile interception (look to the upper left to see the target as the missile closes in on the target).

  Video 08      

Tracking Stabilization - Self Defense Test Ship


This video shows images from the
Compact Tracking Mount mounted on
a ship and interfaced to the inertial
navigation system (INS) of the ship.
An inertial measurement unit (IMU)
is installed on the elevation axis
of the pedestal to provide offset
stabilization. Please note the stability
of the horizon contrasted with the
motion of the ship.

  Video 09      
  Simulator - Dual Target      

This short video shows the hardware-
in-the-loop simulation mode of the Photo-Sonics Argus tracking environment. Users are able to insert a virtual target in the digital image stream and track the target with the auto-tracker using either the actual background to be used during the test or a pre-recorded video. The system tracks the virtual target as if it was a real target and allows the operator to test the dynamic performance of the system and other aspects in preparation for a real mission. In this video we are showing a dual-gate tracking example where a target such as an airplane can be tracked as well as the release of a weapon with the dual gate tracker seamlessly handing off the active auto-tracker gate to the 2
nd target.

  Video 10      
  Star Calibration      
    Tracking mount star calibration
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