AV-8B Night Attack Camera

  The AV-8B Harrier, Head Up Display (HUD) camera is an internal reconfiguration of the Litton camera,
Part Number 452275-2. The new PSI Part Number is 93-4040-100 and reflects a Litton Part Number of 452275-3.
NSN 7RH 5836 - 01 - 498 - 0557 - A8
  AV-8B Night Attack Replacement Camera  

The internal workings of the Litton camera have been changed to incorporate current state of the art
electronics. The changes include:

      • New printed circuit board assembly

      • New lens

      • New drive motor/gear head assembly

  The former test connector used only during the manufacturing process, has been replaced with a BNC video 
   connector which enables the output video of the camera to be viewed on a monitor.

The input connector to the camera utilizes the same connector type and the same pin function as the Litton camera.

The body of the camera is the same size and utilizes the same mechanical mounting provisions used on the prior 
   Litton Camera.

The new camera does not use the Night Vision Goggles (NVG) prism assembly previously mounted atop the Litton
   camera. That assembly is obsolete due to the U.S Marines utilizing a different NVG system.

The camera looks into the existing Smith’s designed optical periscope to combine the outside world with the HUD

The optical periscope limits the resolution of the new camera system to the point where the system resolution is
   close to that of the existing system, even though the new camera has a significantly higher resolution than the older 
   Litton camera.
  Automatic Exposure Control with lens iris
Adjustable air-to-ground exposure lock (0-10 sec)
Visual event mark
+28 VDC operating voltage
Internal or external sync
Pickup device: Interline-transfer hyper HAD CCD, 1/2”
Horizontal resolution:
           NTSC: 470 TV lines
Picture elements:
           NTSC: 768(h) x 494(v)
S/N ratio:
           NTSC: >-48dB
Sensitivity: 2000 Lux at f/5.6
Minimum sensitivity: 4.5 Lux at f/1.2
Shutter speeds: 1/60th second, 1/100,000 second,
   flickerless, and CCD iris (AEC), Off for A/0-10A
Automatic AGC
Gamma: 0.45/1
White balance: ATW, 3200K, 5600K, and Manual
Video formats: Y/C component and NTSC composite
Weight: 1 lb 12 oz
12 month warranty
Operating Temperature -25°C to +71°C
Storage Temperature -55°C to +80°C
Altitude 43,000 feet
Over Pressurization -15,000 feet
Humidity Operating +90% RH, 60°C, 2 hours
Humidity Storage 48 hours (two 24 hour cycles)
       95% RH, +50°C, 6 hours
       85% RH, +38°C, 16 hours
Vibration Random, 6 G rms, 5 minutes duration
Shock 9 Gs, 11 msec., 1/2 sine wave, 3 axes
Acceleration Lateral (Nx): 6 Gs
Longitudinal: 6 Gs
Normal (+Nz): +8 Gs
Normal (-Nz): 6 Gs
Lens Focal Length FOV Horizontal Degrees Vertical FOV Horizontal Milliradians Vertical Application
16.42mm, f1.4 22.06 16.63 384.9 290.3 HUD-Special
  Part Number  
  Part Number 452275 - 3       NSN 7RH 5836 - 01 - 498 - 0557 - A8  
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