The Phantom HD Gold High-Speed Digital Camera


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  The Phantom HD High-Speed Digital Camera

Discounts on Package Prices on the Phantom HD Gold camera. Call for reduced rates!

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The Phantom HD Gold can be configured for “live” broadcast or studio production and has a continuous video output that includes HD (720p, 1080p, 1080i) standards. Multiple triggering and recording modes can also be tailored to your application.

The camera can be controlled by and image files downloaded using a Gigabit Ehternet-to-PC connection. Files can be converted TIFF stacks, MOV or AVI formats using the included Phantom software package.


HD (1920 X 1080) and 2K (2048 X 1536)  
    resolution using a
PL-mount lens
35mm depth-of-field in a high-speed
    digital HD camera

Up to 1000 frames-per-second at HD 
    resolution (1080p) and 1500 frames per
    second at (HD) 720p

16GB of onboard memory
Adjust frame rate in 1 fps increments
Shutter speeds as fast as two

    microseconds  (1/500,000 second)
14-bit sensor depth (42-bit color)
ISO 640 (rated at 360 degree shutter)
Gigabit Ethernet
Circular buffer recording / Run-Stop
SMTPE time code
11-stop dynamic range
Optional battery power available
1-1000 fps at HD resolution (Higher frame 

      rates at reduced resolution)
Sony HDVF-C35W HD electronic viewfinder
Optional Panavision Lens Mount
2048x2048 active pixel CMOS sensor
Size: 7.62" x 5.47" x 12.13" (HWD)
              19.4cm x 13.9cm x 30.8cm (HWD)
Weight: 12.125 lbs (5.5 kg)

  The Phantom HD High-Speed Digital Camera (base configuration).  

General Description

Phantom HD Gold is a production-friendly, high-definition, digital camera compatible with HD viewfinders and monitors.  When used in the HD format of 1920 x 1080, frame rates as high as 1000 frames per second can be achieved. Higher frame rates are possible at reduced resolution.   Higher resolution is possible (2048 x 2048 pixels or 2048 x 1536 pixels) at reduced frame rates.

The camera records images to internal 16 GIG on-board solid state memory and can be immediately played back directly from the camera without the time consuming process of file conversion or downloading.  Once viewed the content of the internal on-board memory can be trimmed and saved to a laptop or lunch-box computer hard drive, or to the soon to be available Cinemags.  Either of these steps will take time, however, by trimming the content to the usable portion, the duration of this step can be minimized  The Contents of the memory can also be played or recorded over single (4:2:2) HD-SDI outputs to a recorder, disc array, or other HD-SDI capture device.

If compared to a motion picture film camera with a 180 degree shutter angle, we have found the sensitivity to be equivalent to approximately ISO 320. However, since the single chip video cameras are capable of extremely fast refresh rates, the exposure time can be adjusted to a value of that equaling nearly a 360 degree shutter.  Doing so essentially allows an additional stop of light (transmitted to the sensor) that is not possible with film cameras. In other words, the stated rating of ISO 640 appears to be based on a shutter speed of 1/ FRAME RATE.


The camera is supplied with a PL lens mount and a riser block that raises the camera to Arri height.  Also supplied is an Arri sliding base with 15mm rods. In its supplied configuration, most Arri lenses and lens accessories can be used with the camera.  A Panavision mount is available as an option.  

  Rental Price List  
  Discounts on Package Prices on the
Phantom HD Gold camera.  Call for reduced rates!


Please note: Photo-Sonics requires a qualified Phantom camera technician to
accompany every Phantom camera.  Please call for rate.
Production Package


•  Phantom HD Gold camera body with standard riser plate and PL lens mount
(Panavision mount optional and  
   available at additional cost)
•  Phantom HD A/C power supply (2)
•  Primary set and spare set of cables (including Ethercon [ethernet] modular cables)
•  Sony HDVF-C35W HD electronic viewfinder with mounting bracket
•  Dell Precision Ethernet M-4500 control laptop with I-7, quad core processor, 4GB of DDR-3 1333 RAM,
    running Windows 7, 64-bit OS, Nvidia Quadro FX 1800M graphics card with 1GB dedicated memory,
    E-SATA port. With latest PCC 2.2 control software installed.
•  15mm Arri Balance Plate with 12" base plate and 3 pairs of 15mm rods
•  Trigger (Pickle switch)(2) w/BNC-to-Fischer cable
•  HDSDI BNC cables
•  UPS battery back-up
Optional Items  (Daily Rate)
512 GB Cinemag $1,200.00
256 GB Cinemag $750.00
128 GB Cinemag $500.00
Phantom Cinestation $400.00
Panasonic BT-LH 80W 7.9" onboard HD monitor w/W.F. and focus assist $150.00
Panasonic BT-LH 900A 8.4" onboard HD monitor w/waveform $175.00
Panasonic BT-LH 1700W 17" HD monitor w/waveform $175.00
Panasonic BT-LH 2600W 26" HD monitor w/waveform $225.00
AJA HD103MD3 HD to SD digital downconverter $100.00
B & S Flicker Meter (measures and tests for any flicker present in lamps) $40.00
Zeiss MK-1 Super-Speed T1.3 Lens Package 18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm $325.00
      Zeiss 18mm Mk-1 SS T1.3 Lens   (close focus - 10") $85.00
      Zeiss 25mm Mk-1 SS T1.3 Lens   (close focus - 10") $85.00
      Zeiss 35mm Mk-1 SS T1.3 Lens   (close focus - 14")  $85.00
      Zeiss 50mm Mk-1 SS T1.3 Lens   (close focus - 28")  $85.00
      Zeiss 85mm Mk-1 SS T1.3 Lens   (close focus - 36")  $85.00
Zeiss Ultra Prime T1.9 Lens Package 16, 24, 32, 50, 85, 100, 135mm $800.00
      Zeiss 16mm Ultra Prime T1.9 Lens     (close focus - 12")  $150.00
      Zeiss 24mm Ultra Prime T1.9 Lens     (close focus - 12")  $150.00
      Zeiss 32mm Ultra Prime T1.9 Lens     (close focus - 15")  $150.00
      Zeiss 50mm Ultra Prime T1.9 Lens     (close focus - 24")  $150.00
      Zeiss 85mm Ultra Prime T1.9 Lens     (close focus - 36")  $150.00
      Zeiss 100mm Ultra Prime T1.9 Lens   (close focus - 3' 3")  $150.00
      Zeiss 135mm Ultra Prime T1.9 Lens   (close focus - 5')  $150.00
8mm 2.8 Nikkor extreme wide angle $150.00
14mm 2.1 Zeiss wide angle lens $85.00
100mm 2.0 Zeiss/Cineovision PL mount macro lens $75.00
135mm 2.0 Zeiss/Cineovision PL mount macro lens $90.00
180mm 2.8 Zeiss/Cineovision PL mount macro lens $120.00
200mm 2.0 Nikkor Prime Lens $85.00
20-100mm T3.1 Cooke zoom lens $150.00
25-250mm T3.9 Cooke zoom lens $150.00
Panavision lens mount w/"L" bracket, bridge adapter and 5/8" rods $150.00
Handheld rig with battery system $150.00
Red Rock Micro Lt Wt Follow focus for Handheld w/acc. $25.00
Arri MB14 6.6X6.6 matte box (2 or 4 stage) with hard mattes $50.00
Arri FF follow focus (with right-hand knob, extension and 2 gears) $40.00
LMB-15 4X5.65 lightweight, clip-on Arri Mattebox $50.00
MB-20 II, 4X5.65 Arri Studio Mattebox $60.00
Anton Bauer VCLX 28V/14V Battery Block w/charger $90.00
Additional VCLX Battery (no charger) $60.00
PCU Remote (Phantom Control Unit) $200.00
Glyph Triplicator $50.00
Also available and compatible are Innovision Probe II and Probe II Plus lenses Call
High-intensity 24K, 34K, and 58K Soft-Box lights and dimmers Call
Call for prices or see specification sheets on the individual items which can be found on this web site.
   Phantom HD Gold Resolution Chart
H x V fps
2048 x 2048 542
2048 x 1536 720
2048 x 1024 1,000
1920 x 1200 924
1920 x 1080 1,027
1280 x 720 1,500
1024 x 1024 1,083
1024 x 768 1,443
1024 x 512 2,100
800 x 600 1,800
720 x 576 1,900
720 x 480 2,300
640 x 480 2,300
512 x 512 2,160
320 x 240 4,500

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