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Innovision Probe II lens system mounted on a Photo-Sonics camera.

"I have found the Innovision Probe II Lens to be an invaluable tool for me to capture the utmost intricate perspectives when shooting television commercials.  Whether I am using the Probe lens on a motion control camera to shoot the insides of the gears of a watch, or using the lens at the end of a Photo-Sonics camera shooting 360 fps of peanuts falling toward the lens, the Probe lens has always helped me to achieve the look I desire.   Due to its small size, a little over 2" in diameter, it allows me to get into tight places and enables me to move lights in and around the lens.  Recently while shooting in Los Angeles, the Probe lens proved to be essential again in filming an oversized vortex of chocolate.  Sometimes you need to get just a little closer.."

- J. Wesley Jones, Director/Cameraman

  The Probe's long tubular lens barrel allows the camera to roam over, under, around and through objects, allowing greater distance between the camera and subject, which is extremely helpful when lighting and shooting high speed table top sequences.  An underwater cover allows for immersion of the lens up to 9" and acts as an optical flat when shooting extreme close-ups.  


Probe II lens (19" length, 1.7" barrel diameter) t/5.6 to t/32, 12mm/16mm/20mm/32mm objective lenses, 40.5mm drop-in filter holder, focus and iris gears and BNCR, Panavision, Pentax 6x7, PL and Nikon mounts
($400.00 per day when rented without camera system)
Three day week for 5, four day week for 7 and/or foreign (outside U.S., Canada and Mexico)
9mm Prime Lens - an extreme wide angle lens which covers TV safe aperture and minimum close focus of 1/4" 50.00
45 Degree Low Angle Prism - allows additional flexibility with low angle p.o.v.s without any light loss.  Can only be used with 16mm, 20mm and 32mm lenses.  Not submergible in water. 80.00
40.5 Filters (85, 85N3, 85N6, 85N9, Optical Flats, ND3, ND6, ND9) 5.00
The Innovision Probe II lens is compatible with the 4ER, 4C, 4ML and Actionmaster
  35mm Probe II  
  Innovision Probe II lens system dimensions.  

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